Let’s cook up a healthy you this September!

Cook, Eat, &
Live Healthfully

Cook, Eat,
& Live Healthfully

A FREE Zoom Cooking Class with Chef Victorio Chiu
& Chef and Life Coach Sherylle Mailom-Chiu

September 5 & 12, 2023 Tuesdays, 6-7 PM PT

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and together,
we’ll cook up
a healthy YOU!

To live a Grace-Filled Balanced Life, you want to keep yourself physically healthy so you can enjoy living healthfully long for yourself and for your loved ones.

In class, we will…
quip you with the knowledge and skills to cook healthy (and tasty!) for you and your family so you feel more EMPOWERED
ctively seek out ways to stay COMMITTED to a healthy lifestyle
ackle health issues so you feel MOTIVATED to stay on track regardless of your health condition and challenges

Here are the ingredients we’ve prepared to make this class fruitful for you!

  • Live Cooking Demo
  • Collaborative Q&A Portion
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Healthy Shopping Guide
  • Healthy Shopping List
  • Exciting Prizes
  • Access to Class Recordings
  • BEST PART: Mind Management to show WHY you are not cooking, eating and living healthfully

MEET the


MEET the


We are a husband and wife team and we’ve always been passionate about flavorful and healthy food. God brought us together in one of NYC’s restaurant kitchens and ever since, we’ve been cooking together for over 35 years.

The best thing we cooked up together, Chefs VSC Catering & Fresh Healthy Meals, a bespoke WFPB (Whole Food, Plant-Based) dining experience we started in 2020 to help families make better decisions and commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Q & A

Q: Is it FREE?

A: As our way of giving back to God and to the world, we have decided to offer the classes in September for FREE. However, you gotta come to class, watch videos and do the work so you can start or restart living healthfully. Class is free and you pay with your time and effort.

We also want to do a reset ourselves so it will be fun to journey to Health and Wellness together!

Q: Are there other schedules?

A: As of this moment, we only have September 5 and 12 scheduled. However, there will be a Zoom recording available for you to watch at your convenience.

Q: How can this help me?

A: This cooking class is part of an entire journey to Physical Health and Wellness which is an integral part of achieving a Grace-Filled Balanced Life. Show up on Sept 5 and 12 and you will get exactly the kind of help you need.

Got any more questions? Send us an email at info@liveforgodcoaching.com Be sure to write “Health” in your subject line.

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and together,
we’ll cook up
a healthy YOU!